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Intercoiffure les Artistes, Wädenswil

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Intercoiffure les Artistes

Oberdorfstrasse 20
8820 Wädenswil

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Date 23.11.2018

Review from 

As always, the service was perfect: a very nice welcome, a cup of super fine tea, a soothing head massage on the comfortable lounger and a casual new haircut. This in a modern salon in a pleasant atmosphere and a friendly and motivated team. After two relaxed hours I left the salon extremely satisfied. Keep it up! Karin Schlegel

Date 30.09.2018

Review from Belén Moni-Mateos

My 6-year-old daughter and I were warmly welcomed. Since my daughter wants her hair as long as Rapunzel does, she didn't want to know anything about cutting hair at first. The hairdresser was very responsive to you and was able to convince you that she would only cut the tips. After that a great braid was braided and there was still lip gloss. My little Rapunzel walked very proudly out of the salon. MUCH LOVE THANKS for this experience :-)

Date 29.09.2018

Review from Tatiana Trakovická

Disaster! I went because I got a voucher 1/2 price on haircutting, washing and dyeing for new customers. The dear Mr. Coiffeur professional cut me first instead of desired 5cm approx. 15 off (while whining that his arm hurts, he sat and I stood because I have soo long hair). Okay, no problem growing back, I thought... it's not getting any worse. Then his colleague started to blow-dry my hair, because he would have to serve another customer and the desired hair-dryer curls take sooo much time. In the middle of the hairdressing his colleague told me that he would come to me right away and continue. After 30min waiting I lost patience, paid (actin price of 50fr! ) and left. I have experienced many things, but it has never happened to me that I have left a hairdresser salon with half-wet hair.

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