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reviews and experiences Coiffeur Mäser

Date: 18.10.2009

I've never seen a deal like this before!!! Just great!!! As I have found out, this shop has been around for 50 years, so it is not new, but it is clean, spacious with 16 seats for ladies and 3 seats for men, and has no "artificial facade" for the customer to pay, as can be seen from the very attractive prices. A men's haircut with a wash costs only Fr. 38.- and there is still cutting by hand and not only with the machine! Fast, uncomplicated operation with good frying WITHOUT PREFERENCE (could just walk there, that's normal there) Customer-oriented opening hours (Mon-Fri: 8.00 - 19.30 and Sat: 7.30 - 16.00) But besides the hairdressing salon there is also a cafe,swimming pool,sauna with indoor swimming pool Furthermore, this house offers baby swimming courses and water massages and with different oldtimers wedding rides are offered, and and and and and Can only say really a very exceptional family business!

Date: 16.10.2009

Super advice and commitment behind a simple facade! I am also absolutely satisfied with the cut result! Gladly again and absolutely recommendable